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Custom Made Wedding Dresses Melbourne – Lookbook Bride

Brides of Melbourne… It’s exciting when you get engaged… It’s time to find THAT gown!

Yes! It starts out fun, only to be disappointed by what you had in mind is going to cost you so much more than your budget allows, and then if you needs a simple change the gown end up being double the price.

This is going to be THE dress that your entire guest and husband to be sees when they first set site of you, and every girls dream is to look amazing on their wedding day.

Brides to be… let’s get creative, pull all or ideas together, and Let Lookbook Bride design and custom make you wedding dress. We will get a high end designer look gown made beautifully! At an affordable price.

Sometimes, a little inspiration and imagination can make dreams come true. If you have an idea of how you want your gown to look, show us a picture and we will re-create it for you. Customising your dream dress… just show us a picture! We can make your gown from  $2,300 beautifully hand beaded.​ The process is simple, you make a bridal suit appointment, that’s not rushed, it’s relaxed, and you are the only bride.

We then share pictures and Ideas of you style of gown, to go with the theme of your wedding day, we then understand your body’s shape and silhouette to get the most amazing fit!  Embracing every kind of bride, we will listen to your thoughts and ideas, we take the time to explain the making process, and how we work though each stage of the gown. Lace pin patterns of applique are delectably placed though our creativity, its beauty only highlighted in our hand bead work.

Custom make your wedding dress with us… I personally promise you will get the wedding dress you want!!

     Gowns In Making

Your Gown will take 14 to 18 weeks to be completed each stage of the gown taking time from design, to Patten cut, fabric cut and then sew work, Below you will see gowns in the work room, as hand applique up to 10 different laces are hand placed by 1000s of pins, ready to be hand stitched and finished of with weeks for beadwork. Please note we are only equipped to make size 6 to 16

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