LookBook Bride


Every girl needs to have a check-list of things for the special day, so you are always prepared for everything…

We have collected a short list for your convenience. Feel free to addd more items:

  • Shape wear: Assets form target smooths your silhouette!!
  • Pretty knickers: for later in the night to change out of your shapewear
  • Second pair of shoes: this will save your night ! there’s nothing worse than sore feet!
  • Sheet for toilet floor: place the sheet on the floor around the toilet so when you go your gown won’t get dirty
  • Baby powder: Hot summer days, crowded prep rooms, and nerves can all lead to sweat. A little moisture-absorbing baby powder will help the bride feel fresh as a daisy. It’s also great for keeping beaded bodices from scratching or chafing the bride’s underarms.
  • Q-tips & makeup remover: Eyeliner mistakes happen. But they don’t have to stick around.
  • Blotting papers: For absorbing shine and oil, not your fancy makeup.
  • Baby wipes: For freshening up on the go. Also great for getting spills of gowns
  • Tissues: For those happy tears (and any accidental eye pokes with mascara wands).
  • Mini first aid kit with Band-Aids, burn relief, liquid bandages, and antiseptic: Safety first!
  • Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins double sided tape: For those “make it work” moments.
  • Medicine (pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid): Take precautions for the big three issues that can attack at any moment—especially under stress: headaches, allergies, and indigestion.
  • Sunscreen: Even if the wedding is indoors, if the wedding party will be outside for photos, make sure to have this on hand. (Depending on your climate, add bug spray for the same reason. Unscented for both!)
  • Deodorant: Chances are, someone probably forgot to use it this morning.
  • Snacks: Nobody wants a hungry bride on their hands!
  • Straws: So the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick.
  • Super Glue: For fixing shoes, nails, jewellery, head pieces, and more.
  • Pen and paper: For last minute reminders, thank you notes, and secret messages between the bride and groom.
  • Breath mints: Hand her one right before she walks down the aisle, so the first kiss is minty fresh.
  • Stain remover pen: For spills and would-be stains on the dresses. (God forbid!)
  • White chalk: If something gets on the wedding dress and it just won’t come out, you can usually mask the stain with chalk. No one will be any the wiser.
  • Lint roller: Especially helpful for the groom and groomsmen’s suits.
  • Cash: Just in case! Include some change in case the bride suddenly decides the only thing she needs is a soda from that machine down the hall.
  • Dental floss/toothpicks: Just in case those snacks in the bridal suite try to overstay their welcome.
  • Eye drops: Don’t let red eyes ruin your beauty prep! (Side note: if the bride wears contacts, make sure she brings an extra pair, contact solution, and a case.)
  • Extension cord and phone charger(s): The bride is stuck in the makeup chair, her phone’s about to die, but she needs to call the caterer. Suddenly, you’re a lifesaver.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: It’s not uncommon for a bride to be so excited when she wakes up that she forgets to brush her teeth.
  • Hair elastics and bobby pins: You can never have too many on hand. (Add hairspray and a comb/brush while you’re at it.)
  • Alcohol: When all else fails, a little liquid courage is the ultimate backup. Have a couple airplane bottles of the bride’s favourite spirit handy… just in case.