The story began

The story began when the love of my life proposed to me at the Western in the city! After all the excitement, I started looking with anticipation for my wedding dress. Even with the help of my many friends and visiting over fifteen highly recommended bridal shops in Melbourne, I could not find one dress that was perfect for me in my price range.
I remember feeling very disheartened and thought I would have to get married in a dress that was not my dream. It was then that I started Lookbook Bride parades and events, running four parades each Saturday at different bridal boutiques with a team of models; so other brides to be, could see different styles and silhouettes on the body.
I have been doing photo shoots and parades for eight years now and have been given the opportunity to see hundreds of gowns and the prices to go with them!!!! I wanted to share my knowledge with other brides on finding that perfect high end affordable wedding gown. Having a natural flare for style, combined with the desire to find my own unique wedding dress, gave me the inspiration to start my own unique bridal collection.